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Early Warning Signs of Eye Disease

Last updated 2 years ago

Scheduling a yearly appointment with your ophthalmologist allows your doctor to inspect for and detect signs of eye disease or other refractive errors. Learning the early warning signs of common eye problems yourself can equip you with the knowledge needed to preserve your sight. By recognizing symptoms of eye disease and refractive errors early on, patients can contact their eye doctor and pursue the necessary treatment as soon as possible.

  • Astigmatism Symptoms: A refractive error caused by an incorrectly shaped cornea or curved lens, astigmatism can usually be treated with glasses, contact lenses or laser eye surgery. Patients who have difficulty focusing clearly on an object at any distance may be suffering from astigmatism. Other symptoms include headaches and fatigue often caused by eye strain, and patients should consult with Dr. Gerstein about a diagnosis.
  • Myopia Symptoms: More commonly known as near-sightedness, myopia describes a refractive error in which patients have difficulty seeing objects at a distance. Caused by an overly-curved cornea or an extended eyeball, myopia symptoms include squinting, headaches and eyestrain if left untreated. Nearsightedness usually develops gradually, and performing yearly eye exams can help Dr. Gerstein recognize and treat any changes that have developed between appointments. 
  • Glaucoma Symptoms: Glaucoma describes a group of eye conditions that can contribute to high pressure in the eye, leading to optic never damage and, if left untreated, complete blindness. Depending on the type of glaucoma one has, patients may experience decreased peripheral vision, blurred vision, eye pain and the appearance of halos in their vision. Instead of waiting for glaucoma symptoms to manifest, at which time damage may have already occurred, make regular appointments with Dr. Gerstein so that glaucoma can be detected, diagnosed and treated as early and successfully as possible.

For more information about detecting and treating eye disease and refractive errors, please visit the Gerstein Eye Institute. One of the leading eye centers in Chicago and Illinois, the Gerstein Eye Institute has decades of experience treating patients with the most advanced technology and greatest care. To schedule a consultation please call us at (773) 973-3223.


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